Pimples are Ugly. Not Your Face.

A friend asked me this morning what I use in my face now. So I told her I use this line and took a selfie  to prove to her it worked for me.  haha 

 Everyone is giving me tips on how to solve them (Even my school directress back then) Even my mom and DAD!! They are so worried every time I Facetime with them and would ask me why I have pimples, am I so stressed here in SG (I am during portfolio, do I have a problem, etc. And when I say that everything is fine here in this 'fine' city, my face shows the opposite. Haha  especially when I went back to Manila last Dec. Everybody was very concerned. Yes, my confidence was A BIT low that time, I didn't take face #selfies at all. actually that came in handy because I rarely take and post #selfies now (only when Im feeling extra prettier-more of like #ootds lol). But, during those time, I wouldn't edit my face in a photo app or Photosh…

"My Mommy Said..." (Sabi ng Mommy Ko...)

All my friends would hear this to me often. I guess I learned a lot of life lessons from her. Whenever I'm talking to people, I would somehow manage to insert "my mommy said" to our conversations. I don't know, maybe so people would think I'm credible because MY mommy said so. And most of the times, they would agree to what 'my Mommy said' so. Most especially to Lester now, he would, sometimes, rest his case when he hears me 'But my Mommy said...' as my starting words in my sentence. 
I miss my mommy a lot. We have ups and downs with our mother-daughter relationship. But that makes it more special and made me appreciate our good times more than ever.
So here it is Mommy. A set of pictures of you're fruit of labour. Our family. :) THANK YOU FOR BEING OUR LIGHT. :) For being strong and raising your kids and daddy well. :))

Moonshine Jungle Tour: The Pros & Cons of Seating in the $300++ Chair

I remember pretty well we booked our Bruno Mars ticket last December a spontaneous one. "Just book it!", Lester said. Though, I was really pushing Lester to watch with me, because he hasn't been to a concert before! like, ever. So that makes it less spontaneous.

Plus, I believe Lester is a closet no. 1 fan of Bruno Mars. He has Bruno Mars on his phone, on his CD, and he would always sing-along when a Bruno Mars song is playing on a radio. Major signs that he is, undoubtedly a no. 1 fan of Bruno Mars. And as a girl friend, I have duties and responsibilities to unleash this  We really don't have any choice because the Mosh area ($190++) is sold out and left with the most fancy ticket, the $300++. 

Fast Forward to 2014:

We weren't counting the days to the concert day. Nevertheless, I downloaded the album just to prep up myself and sent it to him too. I think we started counting down three days before the concert. haha! Then there were days we would sigh and asked our…

My History of Desktops (and Tips on How to Organize your Icons)

Let's talk about our desktops: our virtual desktops. In the real world, I'm a mess. Really. My parents know, my roomie knows, Lester knows (he sees how messy my bag could get). But, as I mature*, I started to organizing things. I start going to Ikea. But since I got my own laptop back in 2010, I was organized with my virtual files. I want my my files and folders to be kept good. I want a clear view of my Windows Desktop. So here's a history of what my desktop looks like:

I got a little bit obsessed with Rainmeter. I kept looking, and looking, and looking, and looking, for the best of the best of the best tool for my desktop. Look at the time there: I finished this very simple look at two in the morning! What am I thinking! But I was so in love and proud with this. This is very me. :)

I went overboard. I found this Gaia pack and got, again, obsessed with it. There were too many to choose from! Though, I remember I was very happy that time when I finished the look. :)

The wallp…

What is the Last Dream That You Remember?

The last dream that I remember was the dream I shared with Lester last time: 

I'm not sure though if it sets a good mood on him or got weird out...